Bio-IT World 2020 features two AI tracks focusing on Drug Discovery and Emerging Technologies. Click on each track to view its full agenda. Can't decide on a single track? Bio-IT World encourages track hopping to help attendees maximize their onsite experience.


The use of artificial intelligence in biopharma has redefined how scientists develop new drugs, tackle disease, and more. The AI for Drug Discovery track will discuss problems that biopharma organizations are experiencing in harnessing the power of AI and machine learning technologies to maximize and accelerate drug discovery efforts from early stage to adoption to practical application. Speakers will explore the role of AI in developing new drugs, tackling diseases previously deemed too difficult to take on, the R&D process, chemical synthesis optimization, drug repositioning, making sense of clinical data, predicting clinical trial outcomes, finding correct patients for clinical trials, analyzing real-world evidence, making sense of complex medical data, and avoiding "brittle" results based on too little/biased data.

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AI technologies are essential to the advancement of precision medicine. There is no shortage of examples of how they can be leveraged from R&D to translational research, clinical trials, and real-world data. However, the current round of solutions can be expensive and complex to deploy and manage. The Emerging AI Technologies track will explore currently deployed use cases of AI technology, what problems have been addressed successfully, where there are some challenges, and what future technology developments to keep an eye on, such as machine vision, emotion gestures/affective computing, NLP, NLG, knowledge graphs, deep learning, reinforcement learning, quantum computing, synthetic data, and more. Hear from pharma industry use cases, as well as technology users and emerging technology solution providers.

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Workshop 2 – A Crash Course in AI: 0-60 in Three
Have you ever been curious to apply machine learning to large amounts of data but were not sure of the concepts to use? Have you ever wondered how to get started on AI? Well, you have come to the right place! This workshop will help you learn AI like never before (our instructors guarantee it!). The workshop is a crash course on AI where you will learn the fundamentals and applications of AI/ML in Pharma. Come join us, learn, and network! - Detailed Agenda

Workshop 11 - AI-Celerating R&D: Foundational Approaches to How Emerging Technologies Can Generate Value
The potential of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Quantum Computing, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, Internet of Things and more to fundamentally change business models and the way business is conducted cannot be understated. In an overtly buzzword crazy session (buzzword bingo cards will be provided), we’ll work through real practical ways to define, derive, and deliver value from emergent technologies. - Detailed Agenda

Workshop 14 - Deep Learning for Image Analysis
Many of the recent success stories in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have leveraged a class of machine learning methods called deep learning. The initial wave of applications in this area has been on image understanding focused on the ability to recognize objects in images. The deep learning methods are replacing decades of image processing and computer vision methods that rely on models or feature engineering with a data-driven approach. The increase in accuracy brought by deep learning over the last few years has enabled their application to self-driving cars, manufacturing, astronomy, and a range of biomedical imaging problems. Participants of this introductory workshop will learn conceptually about how deep learning and specifically how convolutional neural networks (CNNs) work. We will discuss the appropriate space of problems for them within the pharmaceutical and biotech fields. - Detailed Agenda

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