About Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

Since its debut in 2002, the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has established itself as a premier event showcasing the innovative IT and informatics applications and enabling technologies that are driving the future of precision medicine. The Event highlights new frontiers in drug discovery & development, biomedical research, and clinical and healthcare initiatives made possible by cutting-edge technologies.

The future of precision medicine will be driven by the questions we ask and powered by the technologies that help us answer them.

In life sciences research, our capacity to create, analyze, and apply data is exploding. While the application opportunities are vast and thrilling, we run the risk of creating dangerous divisions between data generators and data analyzers, scientists and data scientists, subject matter experts and “tech people”, and the questions and the answers.

At Bio-IT World, these aren’t new ideas; we have always aimed to tear down those walls and support a cohesive community. But the challenge is only growing as we push our industry to the edge of discovery, with important implications for how we educate, hire, and train our growing workforce.

We are excited that the tracks at the 19th Annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo will focus on tackling these challenges. Across 250 speaking slots—panel discussions, joint partner talks, and podium presentations—in 15 tracks and 12 workshops, our speakers will identify the next big problems for precision medicine and share how they are using technologies and analytic approaches to support the mission.

When the community of 3,200+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professional attendees from 40+ countries come together at the 2020 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, our conversation will focus on how we are using technologies and analytic approaches to solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine.

Event Features:

  • Network with 3,200+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare and IT professionals
  • Hear 250+ in-depth technical presentations in 15 tracks, plus education opportunities at 12 pre-conference workshops
  • Connect with attendees using CHI’s 1-on-1 networking service
  • Participate in the poster competition
  • See the winners of three expert-judged awards programs:
    Benjamin Franklin
    Best of Show
    Innovative Practices
  • View novel technologies and solutions in the expansive exhibit hall
  • And much more!

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