2022 Poster Presentations:

P01: Precise Detection and Classification of Skin and Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning, Presented by Akash G., Aventior, Inc.

P02: Building an Industry Standard: Semantic Information Model for Flow Cytometry Assay Informatics, Presented by Goce B., Bristol Myers Squibb

P04: Applying the MMP Method on Exemplified Structures in Patents to Create Novel Compounds, Presented by Eufrozina H., Chemaxon

P05: Compliance Screen of 45M Compounds in a Weekend, Presented by Akos P., Chemaxon

P06: Cytocast Cell Simulator to Predict Drug Effects, Presented by Attila C., Cytocast

P07: AI Driven Automation of Model Selection and Data Quality Control in SPR Production Screens, Presented by Spencer C., Genedata, Inc.

P08: End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development, Presented by Bernie E., Genedata, Inc.

P09: Google’s RAD Lab for Biomedical Research, Presented by Michelle H., Google, Inc.

P10: InChI Status and the FAIR Project, Presented by Stephen H., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P11: ElasticBLAST: Accelerating Alignments in the Cloud, Presented by Tom M., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P12: NCBI ALFA Release 2 for 900 Million Variants and Allele Frequency from 200 Thousand dbGaP Subjects, Presented by Lon P., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P13: The NIBRverse of Drug Discovery, Presented by Rishi G., Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

P14: Enabling Data Driven Decisions Using a Knowledge Platform, Presented by Berenice W., ONTOFORCE

P15: Transforming Small-Molecule Drug Discovery with AI Deployment at Scale, Presented by Tamsin M., Optibrium Ltd.

P16: Automatic Clinical Trial Matching at Scale Based on Patient Profiles, Presented by Vibhor G., Pangaea Data

P17: Predicting Length of Stay and Mortality Risk with Unstructured Clinical Notes in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Presented by Vibhor G., Pangaea Data

P18: A Scalable Workflow to Build Machine Learning Classifiers with Clinician-in-the-Loop to Identify Patients in Specific Diseases, Presented by Jingqing Z., Pangaea Data

P19: PIES - Novel AI to Automatically Generate Textual Narratives for Regulatory Reports, Based on Data from Experiments, Presented by Jingqing Z., Pangaea Data

P20: Faster Discoveries with High Performance Computing for Life Sciences, Presented by Mikhail S., Quantori

P21: HDinHD: A Data Portal for Huntington's Disease Research, Presented by Viktoria A., Rancho BioSciences

P22: NCATS FRDB: Fast Response DataBase for Drug Repositioning, Presented by Oleg S., Rancho BioSciences

P23: SiLA & AnIML: Standards-Based Integration in the Digital Lab, Presented by Burkhard S., SiLA Consortium

P24: MethylationToRegulation: A Deep-Learning Approach to Infer Chromatin Properties from DNA Methylomes, Presented by Xiang C., St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

P25: Inferring RNA Secondary Structure Using a Multiple Homologous Sequence Alignment, Presented by Abhinav M., University of Rochester

P26: ModelChecker: A Representation Learning Framework for Similarity Quantification Between Biological Phenotypes Based on Diverse Bulk RNA-Sequencing Datasets, Presented by Mariah H., University of South Dakota

P27: VaxInsight: An AI Tool to Assess Public Perceptions of Vaccination from Social Media, Presented by Hua X., University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

P28: Automated Sequence Analysis Pipeline Using Nextflow, Presented by Dhanaprakash J., University of Turku

P29: Building the Next Generation AI-Driven Drug Design Engine-Self-Evolving, Learning from Scratch De Novo Drug Design, Presented by Xing C., YDS Pharmatech

P30: Development of End-to-End Data Management to Improve Lead Times, Presented by Gilles S., Cognivia

P31: iSMIS 2.0: A Comprehensive Sample Tracking and Bioinformatics Analysis Platform to Facilitate Genome Editing Assessment, Presented by Ruijia W., Vor Biopharma






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