Here's a reminder of the 2023 Poster Presentations:

P01: Automation of Quality Control for RNA Samples, Presented by Christian S., Agilent Technologies

P02: The ATCC® Genome Portal: Authenticated Microbial Reference Genomes with Data Provenance, Presented by Jonathan J., American Type Culture Collection

P03: ATCC Cell Line Land: An RNA-seq Reference Database for Authenticated Materials, Presented by Amy R., American Type Culture Collection

P04: Mineable Data Assets (MiDAs): Empowering Machine Learning for Predicting New Druggable Candidates, Presented by Kimberly R., Arrakis Therapeutics

P05: Investigating Soluble Nectin-4 and EphA2 as Cancer Biomarkers in Plasma, Presented by Jake W., Bicycle Therapeutics

P06: A Machine Learning-Driven Phenotyping Platform for Rapid In Vivo Target Validation and Precision Medicine Development, Presented by Gabriel M., BioSymetrics, Inc.

P07: Accelerating Drug Discovery with a Combined Approach of Machine Learning and Pharmacophore Methods, Presented by Kevin C., BIOVIA

P08: Designing Small Molecule Therapeutics with CCDC/GOLD on the 3DExperience Platform from Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA, Presented by Luke F., BIOVIA

P09: Expediting Business, Scientific and Clinical Decisions with Evidential Data in a Few Clicks: Introducing Catailyst's Extractive Artificial Intelligence for the Drug Development, Presented by Jit B., Catailyst

P10: Federated Learning-Driven Global Collaborative Diagnostic Network for Metastatic Breast Cancer, Presented by William G., Centennial High School

P11: Ribonucleotide Incorporation Rate and DNA Sequence Context for Aicardi–Goutières Syndrome (AGS) - Orthologous Mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Presented by Deepali K., Combinatics, Inc.

P12: Notes on the Data Quality of Bibliographic Records from the MEDLINE Database, Presented by Stephen H., Copyright Clearance Center

P13: Federated Learning Framework for NLP in Healthcare: Assessing Hospital Readmission Using Electronic Health Records, Presented by Sahil N., Dana Farber Cancer Institute

P14: Enabling Machine Learning Operations by Adoption of a Hybrid Cloud Data Science Platform: Design, Implementation, and Case Study, Presented by Anna W., Dana Farber Cancer Institute

P15: Bringing Researchers to the Cloud Through Biomedical Learning Modules, Presented by Angela M., Deloitte Consulting LLP

P16: NIH Cloud Lab: A Risk-Free Environment to Test and Explore Biomedical Research in the Cloud, Presented by Kyle O., Deloitte Consulting LLP

P17: Leveraging the Full Potential of Structural Knowledge of Biomolecules, Presented by Lorena Z., Discngine

P18: Chromolooping - Building and Visualizing a 3D Genome Model for Drug Design, Presented by Diego B-R., Dogodan Therapeutics, Inc.

P19: Applications of Natural Language Techniques for Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Presented by Christophe A., expert.ai

P20: Accelerating Biopharmaceutical and Vaccine Research, Discovery, and Development, Presented by Evan M., Genedata, Inc.

P21: Digitalization Fuels Innovation in Vaccine Research, Presented by Christopher S., Genedata, Inc.

P22: Developing Multi-Tenant LIMS to Support Broader Use of NGS Technology, Presented by Qixin B., Genentech

P23: Use of Knowledge Graph Enhanced AI Model to Facilitate Knowledge Discovery for Drug Development, Presented by Chloe K., Genentech

P24: “Human-in-Loop” Technology Thrust to Epidemiology and Evidence Synthesis, Presented by Kapil K., GENPRO Research, Inc.

P25: Knowledge Graphs and Interface with Other Tech – Some Usecases and Future Roadmap, Presented by Kapil K., GENPRO Research, Inc.

P26: AI-Driven Antigen-Independent Discovery of Novel TCRs Targeting Solid Tumors, Presented by Florian S., ImmunoScape

P27: Sequence-Structural Analyses of Therapeutic Antibody Drug Candidates, Presented by Kenny T., Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

P28: Visualizing Position-Dependent Effects of RNA Binding Proteins on Alternatively Spliced Events, Presented by Marina Y., Jackson Laboratory For Genomic Medicine

P29: A Precision Medicine Platform to Predict Therapeutic Response, Presented by Richard B., Kings College London

P30: An Automated and Integrative Framework for Drug Repurposing Empowered By Knowledge Graph and AI, Presented by Frank M., Melax Technologies, Inc.

P31: Merck Digital Sciences Studio: A Model for Accelerating Digital Drug Discovery and Development Through Startup Engagement, Presented by Geoffrey H., Merck & Co., Inc.

P32: Computer Vision as a Quality Control Technology in Biologics, Vaccines, and Cell and Gene Therapies, Presented by Taylor C., Modicus Prime

P33: The Emerging Synergy Between Structure-Based Drug Discovery and VR, Presented by Edgardo L., Nanome, Inc.

P34: Large-Scale Mining of Metagenomic Samples in the Sequence Read Archive for Recovery of Novel Anti-Microbial Resistance Genes, Presented by Priyanka G., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P35: IUPAC InChI - Recent Developments in The Worldwide Chemical Structure Identifier Standard, Presented by Stephen H., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P36: Recent BLAST Improvements, Presented by Thomas M., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P37: Curating and Visualizing the World’s Single-Cell Data, Presented by Cassandra W., NEBION AG, an Immunai Company

P38: Automating Genomics Sequence Processing and Analysis Using Apache Airflow, Presented by Jayaram R., New York University Abu Dhabi

P39: 3D Generative Chemistry for Early Drug Discovery Starting from WDR5, Presented by Lingling S., Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

P40: Brain-CODE: A Neuroinformatics Platform for Research Data Management, Federation, Sharing and Analysis, Presented by Brendan B., Ontario Brain Institute

P41: Enabling Data Driven Decisions Using a Knowledge Platform, Presented by Berenice W., ONTOFORCE

P42: Faster Discoveries with High Performance Computing for Life Sciences, Presented by Mikhail S., Quantori

P43: Unpacking Unstructured Data: A Pilot Study on Extracting Insights from Neuropathological Reports of Parkinson's Disease Patients Using Large Language Models, Presented by Emily L., Rancho BioSciences

P44: Using Graph Technologies and Artificial Intelligence to Power Terminology Management, Presented by Emily L., Rancho BioSciences

P45: Single Cell Data Science Consortium Enables Rapid Analysis of High Value Public Datasets, Presented by Daniel R., Rancho BioSciences

P46: Translating Data into the Power of Knowing - A Glimpse Into Data Science and Biostatistics at Roche, Presented by Lara S., Roche Diagnostics GmbH

P47: Sanofi Genetic Data Lake: Combining Genomic Data, Clinical Phenotypes and Statistical Genetics to Enable Therapeutic Target Discovery at Scale, Presented by Clement C., Sanofi

P48: Application of AI/ML Techniques to Dynamic Protein Sequences and Structures, Presented by David K., Sanofi

P49: High Content Imaging and Machine Learning Unpack the Complexity of Inflammasome Biology to Drive Novel Drug Discovery, Presented by Ben K., Spring Discovery

P50: Strand IRIS: Nearly-Automated Somatic NGS Reporting, Presented by Radhakrishna B., Strand Life Sciences

P51: Time is Money: Increasing Productivity Through Lab Digitalization, Presented by Marianna F., Teva Pharmaceuticals

P52: Managing Food and Microbiome Studies Data Using Fairspace, Presented by Melissa F., The Hyve

P53: Invitrogen TrueDesign Genome Editor - Easy Design of Knockout and Knock-In Experiments, Presented by Mudra H., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P54: Share Science with Sheets Targets Provenance of Biological Material, Presented by Abigail M., University of Georgia

P55: Higlass-Python: A Cross-Platform Pluggable Genome Browser SDK, Presented by Nezar A., University of Massachusetts

P56: Open2C: Bringing the Python Data Stack to 3D Genomics, Presented by Vedat Y., University of Massachusetts

P57: Federated Learning for Clinically Relevant AI, Presented by Sarthak P., University of Pennsylvania

P58: Clinical Decision Support and Federated Learning, Presented by Antti V., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

P59: Health Data Analytics as a Service, Presented by Antti V., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

P60: Small-Molecule Inhibition of the Classical Pathway of Complement Using Structure-Guided Fragment-Based Drug Design, Presented by Denise R., East Carolina University

P61: NIH National Library of Medicine Research Support, Presented by Allison D., National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine

P62: FHIR-PIT: Link FHIR Records with Environmental Exposures, Presented by Juan G., University of North Carolina







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