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Poster Presenters noted with * are Conference Speakers.

Presenting Tuesday - Thursday

AbbVie, Inc.
1.         AbbVie's Target and Genomics Compilation (ATGC): A Target Knowledge Platform; Presented by Rishi G.*

Accenture Scientific Informatics Services
2.         An Open Source Tool to Automate Workflows for Calculating Pharmacological Parameters; Presented by Joe R.

American Type Culture Collection
3.         Microbial Whole Genome Sequencing and Assembly: Existing Challenges and Best Practices; Presented by Andrew F.

BBN Technologies
4.         GUARDIAN: Guard for Uncovering Accidental Release, Detecting Intentional Alterations, and Nefariousness; Presented by Allison T.

BC Platforms, Inc.
5.         Massively Parallel Multi-Chip Imputation Pipeline and Genomic Data Warehouse Apply a Novel Genomic Tiling Technology; Presented by Ellen S.

Booz Allen Hamilton
6.         The Precision Health Exchange: An Extensible, Secure, and Scalable Platform for Genomics and Health Data Analytics; Presented by Pavithra S.

Boston Children's Hospital
7.         Analysis of Health Insurance Claims Data Identifies Over-Representation of Infectious Diseases in Patients with Fragile X Syndrome; Presented by Daria P.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
8.         Development of Translational Analysis Capabilities with Best Practice Workflows in a Cloud-Based Platform at the Broad Institute; Presented by Junko T.

Central Connecticut State University
9.         Sequence Analyses of RNA Modification in Pollinating Insects; Presented by Barry H.

Clarivate Analytics
10.       Using AI and Data to Unlock the Microbiome Impact on Human Health; Presented by Matan B.

11.       Addressing Security and Privacy of Data with Cloud-Based Informatics; Presented by Arun A.

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.
12.       Innovative Approaches for Secure, Modern Collaborative Drug Discovery; Presented by Robert T.

13.       Filling in the Blanks: A VCF Annotation Tool for Enabling Raw Variant Data to Be Mined for Genes of Phenotypic Interest; Presented by Thomas L.

EMD Serono Research and Development Institute, Inc.
14.       The Mouse in the Room: Non-Clinical, In Vivo Data Management at EMD Serono; Presented by Julie N.

EPAM Systems, Inc.
15.       Cloud Pipeline; Presented by Mikhail A.

EPAM Systems, Inc.
16.       Med3web Viewer and Editor; Presented by Mikhail A.

EPAM Systems, Inc.
17.       New Genome Browser; Presented by Mikhail A.

EPAM Systems, Inc.
18.       Miew - 3D Molecular Viewer; Presented by Mikhail A.

Ewha Womans University
19.       CSgator: An Integrated Web Platform for Compound Set Analysis; Presented by Sera P.

Flatley Discovery Lab
20.       Machine Learning for Drug Discovery with Automated Feature Selection; Presented by Paul W.

Fuel3D Technologies Ltd.
21.       An Innovative Non-Invasive Technique Using 3D Imaging and Thermography to Measure Subcutaneous Tumours; Presented by Juan D.

Genedata AG
22.       New Enterprise Platform for Biopharmaceutical Development and CMC; Presented by Sebastian S.

Genedata, Inc.
23.       An Enterprise Software Solution for Efficient Analysis of Epitope Binning Assays; Presented by Spencer C.

Harvard Catalyst
24.       eagle-i: An Open Source, Ontology Driven and Domain Agnostic Discovery Platform; Presented by Juliane S.

Harvard Medical School
25.       Biological Classification with RNA-Seq Data: Can Alternatively Spliced Transcript Expression Enhance Machine Learning Classifiers?; Presented by Nathan J.

InterAx Biotech AG
26.       Integrating Experimental and Computational Pharmacology for Intelligent Drug Design; Presented by Aurelien R.

Invicro, A Konica Minolta Company
27.       A Streamline Approach for Assembly, Reconstruction, Visualization, and Management of Mesoscopic Molecular Tissue Imaging Data; Presented by Wenhan H.

Invicro, A Konica Minolta Company
28.       An Automated System for Screening, Content Determination, and Quality Control with Multi-Site Data; Presented by Adam M.

Maltepe University
29.       Multi-Dimensional Data Visualization Related to Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Another Step to Precision Medicine for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Liver Cancer; Presented by Ranan A.

MediSapiens Ltd.
30.       Efficient Curation and Structuring of Longitudinal Clinical Data for Use in Genomic Analyses; Presented by Helena L.

Melissa Informatics
31.       Combining Traditional Data Curation Methods with Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Data Quality; Presented by Robert S.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
32.       IUPAC InChI - Recent Developments in The Worldwide Chemical Structure Identifier Standard; Presented by Stephen H.

National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine
33.       BLAST in the Cloud; Presented by Thomas M.*

NextMove Software Ltd.
34.       Open Sourcing a Wiswesser Line Notation (WLN) Parser to Facilitate Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Record Transfer Using the Pistoia Alliance's UDM (Unified Data Model) Standard; Presented by Roger S.

Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
35.       Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to a Post-Hoc Analysis of Depression Patterns in RESPONSE and COMFORT II Data Sets; Presented by Shruthi B.

Optibrium Ltd.
36.       Deep Learning Based on Sparse and Noisy Data to Improve Predictions of Compound Activities; Presented by Nick F.

PsychoGenics, Inc.
37.       High-Content Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Identifies Novel Putative Treatments for Neuropsychiatric Diseases; Presented by Mukesh B.

Rancho Biosciences, LLC
38.       NCATS Stitcher: Data Integration and Curation Tool; Presented by Ivan G.

Rancho Biosciences, LLC

38a.     Data Deluge: Challenges and Solutions for Implementing a Precision Medicine Approach to Create the TRACK-TBI Information Commons; Presented by Ivan G.

Rancho Biosciences, LLC
39.       Aggregation and Integration of UK Biobank Phenotype Data for Downstream Analysis; Presented by Yulia S.

Researchably, Inc.
40.       Can the Process of Systematic Review Be Automated? An Efficient Approach to Biomedical Literature Screening Using Data Augmentation, Transfer Learning and BiLSTM-CNN; Presented by Maciej S.

ResultWorks LLC
41.       Digitally Transforming the Cell Therapy Product Lifecycle; Presented by Brian H.

ResultWorks LLC
42.       Leveraging Data and Innovative Technologies to Achieve R&D Digital Transformation; Presented by Bob O.

Roxbury Community College
43.       High Throughput Virtual Screening and Mutational Studies Using Docking and Molecular Dynamics on a Shared Memory GPU Supercomputer; Presented by Kimberly S.

RUMI Scientific
44.       A Machine Learning Toolbox to Identify Therapeutics for Rare Genetic Disorders from Phenotypic Screens on Micropattern-Based Organoids; Presented by Fred E.

The Hyve
45.       How The Hyve Helps Biobanks to Responsibly Share Their Data with Open Source Software; Presented by Ward W.

University of Illinois, Urbana
46.       Advancements in Supercomputing for Biomedical Applications; Presented by Priya B.

University of Mississippi
47.       BeRi Environments for R Installations; Presented by Robert G.*

University of Turku
48.       BioCPr − A Tool for Correlation Plots; Presented by Dhanaprakash J.

Pfizer, Inc.
49.       Improving Access to U.S. National Library of Medicine ClinicalTrials.gov Data with a Semantic Knowledge Graph; Presented by Peter H.*

Pfizer, Inc.
50.       OBI-1: A Novel OMERO-Based Biomedical Imaging Platform; Presented by Peter H.*

Alkermes, Inc.
51.       Improving Workflow Development in KNIME with KDL (K Descriptor Language); Presented by Shinichiro W.

Nebion AG
52.       Expression Data Integration: Opportunities Created with Extensive Curation; Presented by Anneli A.

Pharma Intelligence
53.       Accelerated Insights Through Optimised Data Analytics; Presented by James W.

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