W5. AI-Celerating R&D: Foundational Approaches to How Emerging Technologies Can Generate Value

TUESDAY, October 6 | 12:30 - 3:30 PM


The potential of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Quantum Computing, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, Internet of Things and more to fundamentally change business models and the way business is conducted cannot be understated. In an overtly buzzword crazy session (buzzword bingo cards will be provided), we’ll work through real practical ways to define, derive, and deliver value from emergent technologies.

The first part of the workshop will focus on education and ways to help educate stakeholders, participants, and end users to more adeptly delineate buzz from beef. We’ll identify ways to help everyone identify probable and potential value. We’ll also talk about the power and pitfalls of the common analogies around many of the most talked about emergent technologies.

The second part of the workshop will focus on organizational models and efforts that encourage the cultural transformation necessary to support the digital transformation. We will focus on the current approach at AbbVie and the successes and failures that have helped us refine this approach. We will talk about attitude, aptitude, and the soft skills necessary to nurture.

The third part of the workshop will focus on the AbbVie RAIDERS ways-of-working approach called RAPIDE which embraces aspects of the lean startup methodology to encourage experimental agility in pursuit of proof-of-value and proof-of-concept clarity. We’ll discuss the ways this approach helps later more formalized development efforts and why it has proven especially valuable when dealing with emerging technologies.

Lastly, we will discuss an Enterprise Cognitive Architecture framework that can help with the design, evaluation, and implementation of solutions that include many of these emergent technologies. This framework serves as a basis for understanding the comparative benefits and values of emergent technologies as they work together to enable transformation.


  • Emergent Technology Education
  • Identifying and Establishing Value
  • Organizational Models and Change
  • RAPIDE Process
  • Enterprise Cognitive Architecture Framework


Martin_BrianBrian Martin, Head of AI in R&D Information Research, Senior Principal Data Scientist, AbbVie

Brian’s not quite sure how exactly he ended up working in biopharma but is certainly having fun and making waves. As part of AbbVie’s Information Research organization, his RAIDERS team is transforming the way technology and data are employed using the power of machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing, and robotic process automation to unlock the information that makes cures possible.

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