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Tuesday, May 3

5:55pm Cerebras & Genentech: Advancing Biomedical Research with Deep Learning and Fast Experimentation

Natalia Vassilieva, Director, Products, Machine Learning, Cerebras Systems
Mohsen Hejrati, Head, AI & Cloud Engineering, Genentech
Many deep learning methods originally designed for generic NLP and computer vision tasks are now being adopted to biomedical data to advance pharma and life sciences. This adaptation requires large number of experiments on massive datasets, which often takes too long and is too expensive to be practical with legacy hardware. Join our conversation on how to leverage pre-existing deep learning research and specialized hardware to drive the future of medicine.

6:30pm Self-Driving Data Management and Governance

Dominik Matousek, Data Fabric Practice Lead, Ataccama Americas CorporationAtaccama's goal is to enable business and data teams to innovate with unprecedented speed. With AI at the core, we deliver self-driving data management: a platform that understands user intent, pre-builds solutions on the fly, and notifies users of the things they should take care of. The self-driving approach automates the tedious aspects of the journey, so that you focus on creating value from data.

Wednesday, May 4

9:40am Best Data and Conduct Practices for Improving Animal Study Reproducibility

Eric Ibsen, CEO,  Studylog Animal Study Software
Researchers have found that 50% to 90% of published in vivo studies were not reproducible. The difficulty of generating results with a high level of integrity, detail, and reproducibility on a consistent basis underscores the need to critically examine, improve, and standardize processes for animal study conduct. Researchers attending this presentation will gain an understanding of success factors, practical approaches, and study workflow software approaches to make animal studies more reproducible.   

2:00pm A Life Sciences Knowledge Platform Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

Berenice Wulbrecht, Vice President, Solutions Delivery, ONTOFORCE
Carl Latham, Vice President, Sales, ONTOFORCE

4:45pm AI-Powered Clinical Development to Deliver Faster Cures

Gen Li, PhD, President & Founder, Phesi

Thursday, May 5

9:35am Where Will your Data Come From? Solving the Live Cell Imaging Problem

Michael Moody, Vice President of Software Engineering, Thrive Bioscience, Inc.
The Thrive Bioscience CellAssist system is a tightly integrated hardware and software solution for acquiring, analyzing, storing and visualizing live cell images. Expandable from a single bench-top unit to a global network of automated, environmentally controlled imagers, it elevates imaging of live cells in culture from an occasional, manual process with sporadic documentation, to a reproducible, routine, automated process that provides unparalleled insight into your cells' behavior.

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