2023 Media Gallery


Bio-IT World 22nd Annual Highlights — Building a Global Network for Precision Medicine

Plenary Keynote Introduction
David Gosalvez, PhD, Executive Director, Strategy & Informatics Portfolio, PerkinElmer Informatics

PLENARY KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Promise of Data, Analytics, and Technology: Fueling Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs
Anastasia Christianson, PhD, Vice President, Global Head of AI, ML, Analytics, and Data, Pfizer Inc.

Edward Cox, Head & General Manager, Digital Health & Medicines (DHM), Pfizer Inc.

Plenary Keynote Introduction: Life Science Automation Opportunities – So Many Options, So Little Time
Manu Swami Santanu Sen, Vice President, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Virtusa

Federated Futures: How the Largest Federated Learning Effort in Medicine Will Inform Our Next Steps
Spyridon Bakas, PhD, Assistant Professor, Radiology & Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Raymond Y. Huang, MD, PhD, Division Chief, Neuroradiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Jason Martin, Principal Engineer AI Research Science, Security Solutions Lab, Intel Labs

Plenary KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Assessing Innovation: How Pharma Makes Tech Investment Decisions
Aaron Mann, Chief Executive Officer, Clinical Research Data Sharing Alliance

April Bingham, Executive Director, Global Medical Compliance and Governance Chapter, Roche

Peter Mesenbrink, PhD, Executive Director, Biostatistics, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Maria Palombini, Global Practice Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IEEE Standards Association

Laszlo Vasko, Senior Director, Clinical Innovation R&D IT, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Best of Show Award Winners

2023 Best of Show Award Winners

Starfish Storage Inc | Product: Starfish 6.5
Empowering users to participate in unstructured data management and curation at scale

Genomenon | Product: Genomenon Disease Prevalence
A curated dataset and report for understanding the genetic prevalence of autosomal recessive (AR) diseases.

Genomenon | Product: Mastermind Discovery
An AI-powered knowledgebase of genomic data, parsed from the entirety of published scientific literature.

GitHub, Inc. | Product: GitHub Copilot
An AI-powered pair programmer that provides autocomplete-style suggestions to developers

DataCicada | Product: Tympana
Build high quality Machine Learning models for complex data.

Monomer Bio | Product: Monomer Cell Culture Platform
A modern software solution that powers fully-automated cell culture workcells.


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