Solutions Theater

Tuesday, October 6

5:20-5:40pm Implementing Voice-powered Digital Lab Assistant in R&D Labs

Guru Singh, Head, Growth, LabTwin GmbH

In order to meet the needs of modern scientists, lab documentation systems have to evolve from simple pen-and-paper to flexible, integrated digital tools. Harnessing AI and Voice-Technology, LabTwin is a scientist-tailored lab assistant developed to guide scientists through their experiment with verbal instructions and collect real-time data via voice commands. 

5:50-6:10pm Presentation to be Announced

Wednesday, October 7

10:00-10:20am Presentation to be Announced

10:25-10:45am Presentation to be Announced


Virtusa3:30-3:50pm Digitizing the Bio-Sample Management Process

Santanu Sen, Vice President, Life Sciences, Virtusa
Sample collection requirements in clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex due to the focus on biomarker analysis and precision medicine. To address the common barriers, improve clinical trial efficiency, and optimize the use of scientific assets, Virtusa has developed an innovative solution to support digitizing end-to-end sample collection processes that enable automated monitoring and reconciliation of sample collection and reuse of BioSample data. Know more.


Thursday, October 8

9:55-10:15am Presentation to be Announced

1:25-1:45pm Presentation to be Announced

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