W9: Research Project Management
Beacon Hill 2/3

TUESDAY, APRIL 16 | 12:30PM-4:00PM


Many organizations have discovered the simplicity and power of agile project management methods to increase the pace, quality, and effectiveness of their teams across a broad range of activities. This workshop focuses on applying the methods and tools of agile project management to the science in order to provide the benefits of project management found in other fields while retaining those elements critical to the mission and process of scientific research. We will then apply these concepts and methods to some example research scenarios using some of the leading tools in the field, and finish by sharing some of our experiences over the past five years with our colleagues.


Tehennepe_GreggGregg TeHennepe, Program Manager, Computational Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory

I am 25+ year technology and research management professional with experience in leading complex programs in the life sciences. I have, extensive knowledge of program leadership, research project management, information technologies and molecular biology and genetics combined with outstanding communication, analysis and collaboration skills results in transformative team data science.

Kadakkuzha_BeenaBeena Kadakkuzha, PhD, Research Project Manager, The Jackson Laboratory

I hold a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University Texas at Dallas and postdoctoral research expertise in functional genomics and transcriptomics from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Jupiter, Florida. A molecular biologist by training, I worked to see how small RNAs fold and big RNAs control gene expression and cellular functions, especially in human diseases and disorders. In addition to see how smart RNAs are, I am interested to apply the project and people management methodologies applied in the business/industrial world to the scientific research environment. I worked as a Project Manager at Rice University, Houston, Texas, to develop a Web platform for data collection for scientific research. At JAX, I am part of a robust team at the Computational Sciences (CS) where I collaborates with the faculty, software developers, and computation scientists- who are dedicated to find novel solutions in the fight against diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's using cutting edge computational and genomics technologies. As a Project Manager, I support the CS team to plan, facilitate, execute, and deliver projects within agreed-upon timelines, resources, and objectives.

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