W6: DNA Sequencing 101
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TUESDAY, APRIL 16 | 8:00AM-11:30AM


DNA sequencing has revolutionized biology from the most basic cellular research through clinical trials and into routine medical care and is at the core of “precision medicine”. It also fuels research on microbes, plants and crops, and applications in forensics, genealogy, archeology and beyond. This workshop is aimed at curious attendees from non-molecular biology backgrounds who are exposed to sequencing-related data, projects, and products and would like to spend a morning going “behind the scenes” to learn the nature and role of DNA, the history and technology of sequencing; and the myriad applications of sequencing and their impact.

The workshop is structured in three sections:

  • Intro to Molecular Biology: DNA, RNA, and proteins
  • History of DNA sequencing; how Next Generation Sequencing technology works; and the data it produces
  • Applications of DNA sequencing in human health, with an emphasis on cancer


8:00 Workshop Introduction and Discussion

9:30 Coffee Break

10:00 Discussion and Q&A

11:30 Close of Workshop


Derti_AdnanAdnan Derti, PhD, Director of Translational Science, Surface Oncology, Inc.

Adnan is a computational biologist with expertise in DNA & RNA sequencing analysis and precision medicine in oncology (targeted compounds and personalized vaccines). He is experienced in integrating genomic data with response and biomarkers in translational oncology, developing visualizations to enable explorations of complex clinical patient data, and developing pipelines and infrastructure to automate analyses and accelerate discovery in both research and clinical spaces. Prior to joining Surface Technology, Inc., Adnan worked for Merck Research Laboratories, Novartis, Agios Pharmaceuticals, and Gritstone Oncology. He holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from Boston University and a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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