W5. A Platform for Managing Sensitive and HIPAA-Controlled Data
Room Location:  Beacon Hill 2/3

TUESDAY, APRIL 16 | 8:00 - 11:30 AM


Globus, the leading research data management service, is increasingly used to move and share protected data, including HIPAA-regulated data and controlled unclassified information. Systems connected via the Globus service can be configured with higher assurance levels so that investigators can now easily manage protected data throughout the research lifecycle. As a result, scientists can work together more easily on richer datasets via approved, compliant methods, and thus accelerate the pace of research and discovery. In this tutorial, we will provide and overview of the Globus service and describe how it is being used in a wide variety of scenarios in the life sciences. Examples include data egress from next generation sequencers and high-resolution imaging instruments; staging data for analysis pipelines; distributing analysis results, and making reference datasets easily accessible to others in the community. We will emphasize Globus features for authentication, authorization, auditing, and data confidentiality/integrity/availability that make it possible to manage protected and ‘open’ data in a consistent manner. We will demonstrate how systems can be easily configured to access protected data via Globus, and give attendees the opportunity to experiment with command line scripts and REST APIs for automating data flows. No prior experience with Globus is required; the presenters will provide Jupyter notebooks and other resources to allow attendees to participate in various hands-on exercises.


Nawrocki GregGreg Nawrocki, Director of Customer Engagement, Globus, University of Chicago

Greg Nawrocki is the Director of Customer Engagement of the Globus Department at the University of Chicago. He is responsible for ensuring subscribers are getting the most value from Globus by promoting user adoption. His experience includes building controls and diagnostics for high energy physics experiments, software development in the television and consumer products industry, working with the Globus Toolkit in the early days of Grid Computing, and as the technical lead for a data analytics company he co-founded. Greg holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He enjoys bridging the gap between science and technology and the marketing and business development worlds.

Raumann BrigitteBrigitte Raumann, Product Manager, Globus, University of Chicago

Brigitte Raumann earned her Ph.D. in biology from MIT and was formerly Associate Director of Product Science at Incyte Genomics, Inc. After working for several years in educational multi-media, she has returned to field of genomics as Program Manager in the Initiative in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Chicago.

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