W3. Lab Informatics: An Insider’s Guide to Project Success
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TUESDAY, APRIL 16 | 8:00 - 11:30 AM


The vast majority of laboratory informatics projects are met with challenges, and the severity of those challenges often correlates to the scope of the project initiative. Why do multi-site/multi-national projects fail at a much higher rate than simple deployments? Why do smaller projects struggle at an alarming rate as well?

It often comes back to a lack of a process for determining requirements, harmonizing disparate locations, politics, and poorly-constructed or unrealistic project plans.

This workshop presents a proven approach for capturing the current state (AS-IS) environment, designing a future state (TO-BE) harmonized workflow, and the natural progression to extracting specific requirements, developing Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, and use cases that are meaningful and capable of differentiating one potential vendor from the next.

Too often, project teams succumb to high-level, generic requirements that any top or mid-tier LIMS vendor can meet. At that point, the temptation is to revert to the vendor's project methodology and alter the company's workflow to fit the product, rather than asking the vendor to meet the needs of the company.

Astrix Technology Group will help you understand how to best surmount these challenges, and increase the chances that your next informatics project will succeed.

This workshop will guide the attendees through a systematic continuum of activities that professional business analysts utilize to ensure project success. Though multi-site, multi-national informatics deployments experience the highest number of challenges, this workshop will also benefit single-site planning and deployment projects.


  • ​​Current state workflow analysis
  • Future state modeling
  • Derivation of requirements from workflow maps
  • Project plan development with proper resource allocation, and advanced prioritization, phasing, sandboxing, and roll out strategies



Hice_RandyRandy Hice, Managing Director, Astrix Group

Randy Hice is recognized worldwide as a leading authority in laboratory informatics, specifically focused on complex, large-scale customers implementing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), ELN, and sophisticated Cloud architectures.

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