Free Webinar | Accelerating Life Science Discovery by Enabling Lab and Data Automation

December 16, 2020 | 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Webinar Description:

Robotic systems and laboratory automation equipment are data factories. These systems generate terabytes of scientific and event-based data on a daily basis, creating new opportunities to significantly advance drug development and discovery. Many life science organizations are facing new and daunting challenges on how best to manage the scale and scope of heterogeneous data and how to build out infrastructure that allows data to be easily queried to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

As the generation and access to data continues to explode, the life sciences industry needs to adopt holistic, “data-centric” approaches to how disparate data (EHRs, RWD, genomic, etc.) is generated and used, the role of cloud adoption, and other major considerations to facilitate the future of data handling, generation, and management.

During this roundtable discussion, you will hear from thought leaders in lab automation, genomics, and cloud computing on how they approach challenges associated with data generation and management, how they are establishing cloud-based frameworks for data management and adopting data-centric approaches in building out future processes.

Learning Objectives:

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How various industries, (pharma, biotech, cloud), handle today’s data challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s
  • How lab automation paired with data automation creates a “1-2 punch” to promote FAIR data standards, reproducibility, and process integrity
  • How organizations are transforming to adapt to the digital ecosystem
  • How the cloud plays a major role in the future of data automation


Automation engineers, data scientists, lab manager, directors, R&D IT, R&D scientists, CIOs


Bob Gantzer

Bob Gantzer
Associate Director, Laboratory Automation
Beam Therapeutics

Bob Gantzer currently serves as Associate Director at Beam Therapeutics where he leads the automation/robotics, next generation sequencing (NGS), and lab informatics teams supporting cutting edge base editing research. Prior to Beam, Bob held many leadership roles at Dow AgroSciences including; In Vivo Platform Leader for the Predictive Safety Center and R&D AP Testing Leader. In those roles, Bob oversaw the automation, integration, validation, and operation of both regulated and non-regulated labs across both North and South America. Prior to Dow, Bob worked as a forensic scientist specializing in human identification, convicted offender, and deceased identification at Strand Analytical Laboratories and LabCorp. Bob has an MS in biotechnology from The Johns Hopkins University and a BS in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Ben Miller

Ben Miller
Director and Principal Engineer HTS
Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Ben has a proven track record leading teams to develop and implement laboratory automation, software, and procedures. Currently he is responsible for the HTS phenotypic drug discovery systems at Recursion. Over the past 4 years his team has scaled Recursions' phenotypic screening platform by a factor of 100 generating over 4PB of microscopy image data. Ben draws on two decades of experience working at the intersection of engineering, lean manufacturing and molecular biology with a variety of teams and technologies at Glycofi, Velocity11, Myriad Genetics, and now Recursion.

Steve Litster

Steve Litster
Principal Business Development Manager for Life Sciences

Steve is the Principal Business Development Manager for High Performance Computing in Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS. After obtaining his PhD in Chemical Crystallography in 1992, he continued his research career at the University of Calgary. During this time, he was exposed to his first “super computer”– the Fujitsu VPX240, and realized the impact HPC could have on scientific discovery. This was followed by a move to Harvard University in 1998 working under the supervision of Professors Don Wiley and Steve Harrison in the area of macromolecular and computational crystallography.

Following a brief adventure into telecom startups, he came back into the scientific computing world as HPC lead at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. In 2004 he joined the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research as the Global lead for Scientific Computing, specializing in the application of High Performance, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing to advance drug discovery. After 14 years in the role he moved to the Markley as CTO and subsequently joined AWS in 2020.

Ira Hoffman

Ira Hoffman
HighRes Biosolutions

Ira Hoffman is currently the CEO of HighRes Biosolutions. He started with the company nearly 13 years ago as a Project Manager. He has served as President, head of sales, head of project management, product manager and several other roles during his tenure at HighRes. Ira was first introduced to HighRes as a customer while working at Merck and made the switch based on the team and product philosophy that HighRes showed. Prior to joining HighRes, Ira was Director of Research and Development at Freedom Sciences, where he developed innovative robotic hardware for people with limited mobility. Ira and the team designed and implemented a robotic wheelchair which could put itself away in the trunk of a car. Before that he was at Merck for six years, where he led many successful projects for various screening groups at Merck, including the integration of systems capable of screening 1 million samples in less than a week, the development of an enterprise data warehouse for capturing and reporting screening results, the development of analytical approaches for combining screening results with chemical structure, and the implementation of real-time, automated quality control monitoring of screening processes. Ira graduated with a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Vermont, and an MS in Computer Science from Villanova University. Outside of work Ira loves to spend time with his family, travel and try to learn how to play the piano.

Mike Tarselli

Mike Tarselli

Mike Tarselli, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientific Officer for TetraScience, building the life sciences R&D Data Cloud. He has held scientific and leadership roles at SLAS, Novartis, Millennium, ARIAD, and Biomedisyn. He has received awards and fellowships from IUPAC, Wikipedia, ACS, and NSF. Mike volunteers in roles promoting scientific education and diversity, including Pistoia Alliance, the NIH Assay Guidance Manual, and the UMass College of Natural Sciences advisors.


HighRes Bio

We love lab automation! HighRes provides innovative laboratory automation systems, dynamic software solutions, and lab automation devices with superior technology to accelerate and streamline discovery. We provide our clients with a spectrum of systems incorporating modularity and mobility that provide scientist the ability to scale and reconfigure automation systems as their science or technologies change.


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