Generics Market Outlook 2015

By Datamonitor
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Publication data: 15-Oct-2010

Historical and forecast analysis of the entire generics industry from 2005 through to 2015. Strategic dynamics within the sector are broken down by company, geography, therapy area and formulation. See how Big Pharma companies' strategic shift away from blockbuster small molecule products will impact generics companies.

Scope of this research

  • Analyze historical and forecast generics sales by geography, therapy area, formulation and company
  • Analyze the relationship between the branded prescription pharmaceutical industry and the generics sector

Research and analysis highlights
The generics industry has developed significantly over the past decade and represents an integral element of the broader prescription pharmaceutical market. This role as the ‘commoditizer’ of the pharmaceutical industry will remain intact; however, the level of sales growth achieved by the generics industry in recent years will not be sustainable. Sales growth will slow due to a fundamental change in the growth strategies implemented by branded players - Big Pharma in particular - which have become characterized by a smaller number of blockbuster launches and increased investment in biologics and vaccines.

Key reasons to purchase this research

  • Assess the outlook for the generics industry through to 2015
  • Evaluate the effects of the end of Big Pharma’s blockbuster era on the generics industry

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